Consulting & Tactics

You are only as good as your team

At Alef&Sky, we design talent development plans, offering outsourcing services while ensuring a more efficient service.

We provide your company with personalized advice to assist you in the employment decision making, and accompany you in the selection process.

We are aware of the complexity involved in finding the ideal candidate in a global economy. That is why your goals and getting the results you need are our priority.

Offered Solutions

  • Support in the development and promotion of business culture.
  • Mediation between employees and their superiors.
  • Alignment of people with the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Recruitment and hiring of staff, planning future needs.
  • Definition and management of the Talent Retention Plan.
  • Definition and implementation of the Training Plan.
  • Definition and implementation of the Employee Onboarding Plan.
  • Application and monitoring of the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan.
  • Definition of compensation and benefits policy.
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